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Eugene Weekly : 1.7.10


Measuring the Measures

Which way on 66 and 67?

News Shorts:

EWEB Lets Arrows Fly at Nutria Infestation

Downtown Project Tours this Week

New Laws Go Into Effect This Week

Activist Alert

Slant: Short opinion pieces and rumor-chasing notes

Happening People:

Awab Alrawe

Natural Resistance:

Fighting Evil?

Undefinable concept leads to irrational behavior


Under Our Skin

Lyme disease often goes undiagnosed in Oregon


Keep Custody Options Open

Prioritize the best interests of children 

Letters to the Editor

On The Blogs:




Sounds from the South

The UO kicks into high winter term gear


Music Shorts

Unkle Nancy, The Builders and the Butchers, The Expendables


The week's events at a glance.


Music at the clubs


Art events and exhibits in local galleries.

¡Ask a Mexican!

Savage Love

PLUS:Clubs Listings.

Rob Brezny's

Free Will Astrology

Too Much Coffee Man



Movie Review:

The Blind Side

Great Expectations

Sandra Bullock in the game of her life

Movie Review:


Brains, Sweet Brains

Killing zombies is just part of the fun


Choose Wisely

Maile Meloy’s tales of turning points

Visual Art:

More Than Bingo

Card art at Sam Bond’s


Shelf Improvement

Good wines and good prices

Bravo 2010:

DIY and DITogether

Art talk for all of us

Bravo 2010:

Bravo Shorts

Road to Annie and Tweeting the Artwalk

Bravo 2010:

Bravo Event Calendar



Eugene Weekly's Quarterly Restaurant Guide


The State of Suds 2009


Eugene Weekly's Annual Nightlife & Drinking Issue