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Eugene Weekly : Clubs : 2.10.11


Amanitas DJ DVice¨8; Funk, soul, n/c

Axe & Fiddle Shannapalooza w/Beat Alice, Gobloots, Guthrie & Co.¨7:30; Variety, n/c

Club Snafu DJ Heshe¨9:30; Top 40, hip-hop, n/c

Cowfish øLime Night" w/DJ Heshe, Jon 7 & guests¨9:30; Crunk, house

Eugene Coffee Co. Open Mic¨7; n/c

Granary Pizza Co. Portland Invasion 2001 w/Low Tide Drifters, Whiskey Puppy, The Erik Clampitt Band¨8; Bluegrass, $5

Hole in the Wall BBQ David Lomond¨6; Variety, n/c

John Henrys 80s Night w/Chris, Dr. Ake & John¨10; $3

Lavelle Gus Russell¨5; Jazz, blues, n/c

The Loft at Turtles Jeremy Pruit¨7:30; Acoustic, n/c

Luckeys Macca Rey, MD Elsworth¨10; Funk, jam, $3

Macs at the Vets Midtown Blues Jam¨7; n/c

Overtime Tavern West Side Blues Jam¨8; Open jam, n/c

Papas Soul Food McDougall¨9; One-man band, n/c

Red Lion Inn Ladies Night w/DJ J-Will¨8; Dance, mix, n/c

Rockin Rodeo Country Music Ladies Night¨8; Country, n/c

Sam Bonds The Bengsons, Oh Horizon, Martini & Jamal¨9; Indie folk, $1-$5

Spirits Johnny Wilde¨9:15; Rock, blues, n/c

Territorial Vineyards Tim McLaughlin¨9; Funk, jazz, n/c

Vets Club Guy Davis¨8; Blues, $20/$25

Wandering Goat Mangled Bohemians¨9; Experimental, n/cû

WOW Hall SambaDa, Samba Ja¨8; Afro, samba, funk, $10/$12



Axe & Fiddle Danny Barnes, Betty & the Boy¨8:30; Barnjo, acoustic, $10

Cornucopia Bar &û Burgers Blue Valentines¨10; n/c

Cowfish øFreek" Nite w/the Audio Schizophrenic & Guests¨9; Electro, house

Cozmic Pizza Dreamdog¨8; Americana, $5

Creswell Coffee & Wine Jaw Knee Now & Marqee¨7; Sturm & twang, $3

The District Emancipator¨10; Electronic, trip-hop, $15, $12 w/costume

Docs Pad DJ Ty¨8; Dance mix, n/c

Downtown Lounge Hymn for Her, Whiskey Chasers¨10; n/c

Eugene City Brewery Mr. Bills Trivia Show¨8; n/c

Excelsior Inn Gypsy Moon¨6:30; Mediterranean, n/c

Granary Pizza Co. Early Show: Robert Meade¨6, n/c; Ala Nar‹8, $5; Brimstone Sound w/DJ Crown‹10:30; $3û

Just Breathe Yoga Windhorse, Sharanam & friends¨8; Kirtan, $10-$20

Lane Events Center KLCC Microbrew Festival w/Ty Curtis Band¨5; $12

Lavelle Jerry Zybach¨6; n/c

Luckeys The Gravity Research Project, Simplistic¨10; Jazz, funk, pop, $5

Macs at the Vets The Valley Boys¨9; Rock & roll, $4

McShanes The Good Kids, Reverend Brimstone¨9:30; Southern rock, $5

Oak St. Speakeasy Red Raven Follies, Mood Area 52 ¨9; Cabaret, n/c

Pizza Research Institute Jason Butterworth Duo¨6:30; Jazz, blues, n/c

Rock *N Rodeo DJ Diamond G & Rob Reynolds¨9; $3

Sam Bonds Water Tower Bucket Boys, Wy *East¨9:30; Old-time, bluegrass, $5

Spirits Mr. Wizard¨9:15; Rock, n/c

Supreme Bean David Rogers¨6; World classical guitar, n/c

Tiny Tavern Lonesome Randall¨9; Rock-n-roll historian, n/c

Vets Club Ballroom DJ Jose Cruz¨10; Salsa, $5

Wandering Goat Cece Fuleki, Honest Connie & the Five Finger Discount¨8; Acoustic, n/c

WOW Hall Starbuks, Yung Jif, Bad News Tooth, Mac Marvelous, Endr Won, Kenny Wilson¨9; Hip-hop, $7/$10



The Astoria Dredge Agate Beach Underground¨9; Rock & roll, n/c

Axe & Fiddle Jackie Jae & Jason Cowsill¨8:30; Classic rock, folk, n/c

B2 Wine Bar Chris Stubbs, Rick Cobian¨7:30; n/c

Club Snafu John the Revelator, DJ Milk Money¨9:30; House, pop, n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Whiskey Chasers¨10; n/c

Conways Ladies Night¨9; n/c

Cowfish øSup!" w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests¨9:30; Top 40, electro

Cozmic Pizza Early Show: Cal Young Jazz Band¨4; Fundraiser, $3; The Heart of Oregon Competition‹7; $10

Creswell Coffee & Wine The Brewketts¨7; Acoustic, classic rock, covers, $3

The District DJ Phoenix, DJ Scoot¨10; Top 40, hip hop, n/c

Docs Pad DJ J-Will¨8; Dance mix, n/c

Downtown Lounge øWinter Soul Night RSSC"¨10; n/c

Excelsior Inn Olem Alves & Jason Butterworth¨6:30; Jazz, n/c

Goodfellas Dammit Jim¨9; n/c

Granary Pizza Co. Early Show: Crooked River¨7, n/c; Moon Mt. Ramblers‹10; $5

Hole in the Wall BBQ Twisted Pick¨9; Bluegrass, n/c

John Henrys Busdriver¨9; n/c

Lane Events Center KLCC Microbrew Festival w/Jacob Merlin¨5; $12

Lavelle Brooks Robertson, Apropos¨5; øBon Voyage concert", n/c

Luckeys Alder St. All-Stars, Cicada Omega, Left Coast County¨10; Americana, bluegrass, $5

Macs at the Vets Soulicious¨9; Funk, $4

Oak St. Speakeasy Jamalia, Notes from the Underground¨9; Rock, n/c

Rock *N Rodeo DJ Diamond G¨9; $3

Sam Bonds Red Raven Follies w/Conjugal Visitors¨9; Variety, $6

Spirits Mr. Wizard¨9:15; Rock, n/c

Tiny Tavern Christie & McCallum¨9:30; Americana, n/c

Two Friends Pub Ladies Night¨9; n/c

Wandering Goat Stand Up Night, House Band¨9; Comedy, n/c

WOW Hall Adventure Galley, Sea Bell, Dirty Mittens¨9; Rock, $5/$8


Cowfish Industry Night: *90s vs. Everything¨9:30; *90s hits, club hits

Cozmic Pizza Samuel Ferris Harmon, Hansa El Din¨8; Folk, jug-band, $3

Granary Pizza Co. Opal Creek¨6; n/c

John Henrys Broadway Revue¨10; Burlesque, $5

Mulligans Open Mic¨8:30; n/c

Pizza Research Institute Robert Meade¨7; Acoustic, R&B, n/c

Sam Bonds Dead Winter Carpenters¨9; $1-$5

Two Friends Pub Service Industry Night; n/c

Unity of the Valley David Wilcox¨9; Folk, n/c

Villard St. Pub Bingo¨7; $1



B2 Wine Bar John Fiori & Band¨6; n/c

Brew & Cue DJ Brady¨9; n/cû

The City Movie Night¨9; n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Trivia Night w/Keith A¨9; n/c

Docs Pad Skip Jones and Friends¨7; New Orleans, R&B, boogie, n/c

Downtown Lounge Haters Ball, Singles Night, Bingo¨8; n/c

Granary Pizza Co. Early Show: Strange Charm‹7, n/c; Kenny Reed‹9; Wes Montgomery tribute, n/cû

June Olem Alves & Jason Butterworth¨9; Jazz, n/c

Two Friends Pub Movie Night¨9; n/c

Sam Bonds Bingo Night w/Tom Heinl¨9; n/c

Whiskey River Ranch Taste¨8; Soul



The Astoria B.Y.O.V. vinyl listening party¨8:30; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Poetry Night¨7; n/c

Black Forest Rooster Blues Jam w/Skip Jones¨7:30; n/c

The City iPod Night¨6; n/c

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers Jesse Meade, Lisa Vasquez¨9:30; n/c

Downtown Lounge Open Mic¨7; n/c; Rock & Roll Damnation¨9; n/c

Eugene Hilton Timothy Patrick¨6; Acoustic humorist, n/c

Luckeys Ladies Night w/Simplistic¨10; $2

McShanes Tricycle races¨9; n/c

Sam Bonds Bluegrass Jam¨9; n/c

Side Bar D&T Bingo Night¨9; n/c

Two Friends Pub Trailer Park Tuesday; n/c

Wandering Goat Gypsy Jam Night¨7; Open jam, all ages, n/c

WOW Hall Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses, the Silent Comedy, Liam Gerner¨8; Rock, $15/$18



Cowfish øHump Night" w/ DJ Foodstamp & Guests¨10; Hip hop, funk, disco, n/c

Downtown Lounge Downtown Blues Jam¨8; n/c

Eugene City Brewery Bingo¨8; n/c

Eugene Hilton Timothy Patrick¨6; Acoustic humor, n/c

Granary Pizza Co. Barbara Dzuro¨7; Piano, n/c

John Henrys DJ Kal El vs. DJ Tekneek¨10; Reggae vs. hip hop

Koho Bistro/Azul Open Mic/UJAM2-¨7; Variety, n/c, all ages

Luckeys Grendels Wailing¨10; Americana, acoustic, $3

Macs at the Vets Mike Brewer & the Brewketts¨6; n/c

Maxs Lonesome Randall¨7; Rock-N-Roll historian, n/c

Monroe St. Cafe Open Mic¨7; n/c

Mulligans Open Mic¨9; n/c

Oak St. Speakeasy Children of Discord & Guests¨9; Dubstep, n/c

Pizza Research Institute King Toby, DJ Crown & guests¨7; Roots, dub, n/c

Sam Bonds Strum Theory, George Zamzow¨9; Folk rock, $1-$5

Taylors DJ Simy¨10; Jazzy house, hip hop

WOW Hall The Comedy of Brian Posehn¨7:30; Standup comedy, $20/$23


The Beaneryû

Joe Martines‹8

Cloud 9û

Riot in the Clouds¨10

Old Age, Loaded for Bear, Porches¨10; Indie, rock


1115 SE 3rd St.

MO Open Mic Talent Search¨8; Variety

Impulse Bar & Grill

1425 NW Monrow Ave.

Island Night¨9:30; Reggae, n/c

Open Cuban Salsa Practice¨7; Dance, n/c



The Astoria (9)

Black Forest (9)

Brew & Cue (9)

Goodfellas (9)

Pourhouse (8)

Stadium Bar & Grill (9)

Whiskey River Ranch (8)


Bugsys (8)

Diablos (9)

Docs Pad (9)

Goodfellas (9)

Mohawk Tavern (8)

The O Bar (9:30)

The Rok (9)

Spirits (8)

Taylors (10)

Two Friends Pub (9)

Village Inn (9)


The Astoria (9)

Black Forest (9)

The City (9)

Cornucopia (9)

Creswell Coffee (9)

Eldorado (9)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Mulligans Pub (9)

Pour House (9)

Rockin Rodeo (9)

The Rok (9)

Village Inn (9)


Axe & Fiddle (7)

The Cooler (10)

Docs Pad (9)

Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

The Green Olive (8)

Happy Hours (8:30)

The Keg (9)

Macenzis Too (9)

Mohawk Tavern (9)

Oak St. Speakeasy (9)

ODonnells (9)

OK Tavern (9)

The Old Pad (9)

Red Lion Inn (8)

The Tankard (7)

Two Friends Pub (9)

Village Green (9)

Village Inn (9)


Driftwood Bar (9)

Eldorado (9)

The Keg (9)

The O Bar (9:30)

ODonnells (9)

OK Tavern (9)

Moon Upstairs (6)

Quackers (9)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Side Bar (9)

Strike City (8)

Tapatio (9)

Tomahawk (9)

Village Inn (9)


Driftwood Bar (9)

Duck Inn (9)

Mulligans Pub (9)

ODonnells (9)

Pour House (9)

Quackers (9)

Raven A Pub (9)

Red Lion Inn (9)

Sams Place (8)

Spirits (8:30)

Stadium Bar & Grill (9)

Strike City (8)

Tapatio (9)

Village Inn (9)

White Horse Tavern (8:30)


The City (8)

Diablos (9)

Goodfellas (9)

Noti Pub (7)

Our Place (8)

Prime Time (8)

Rodeo Steakhouse (5)

Spirits (8)

Whiskey River Ranch (8)


Agate Alley Bistro 1461 E. 19th Ç 485-8887

Agate Hall 18th & Agate St. (ALL AGES)

The Astoria 2406 W. 11th Ç 465-2277

A Taste Gourmet 270 W. 6th Ç Junction City

Ax Billy Grill 999 Willamette St. Ç 494-4011

Axe & Fiddle 657 E. Main St., Cottage Grove

B& B Lounge 213 Front St., Creswell Ç 895-3952

Beanery 152 W. 5th Ç 342-3378 (ALL AGES)

Black Forest 50 E. 11th Ave. Ç 686-6619

B2 Wine Bar 2794 Shadow View Dr. Ç 505-8909

Brewers Union Pub 48329 E. 1st St., Oakridge

Bugsys 559 Ivy, Junction City Ç 998-5185

Caf¹ Maroc 28 E. Broadway, Eugene Ç 344-6948

Centro 513 E. Main St., Cottage Grove (ALL AGES)

The Cityû 2222 MLK Jr. Blvd. Ç 343-4734

Club 420 420 Main St., Spfd Ç 747-4466

Club Snafu 64 W. 8th Alley Ç 342-3272

Conways 5658 Main St., Spfd. Ç 741-6897

The Cooler 20 Centennial Loop Ç 484-4355

Corner Bar & Grill 48292 E. 1st St., Oakridge Ç 782-3037

Cornucopia Bar & Burgers 207 E. 5th Ave. Ç 485-2676

Cowfish 62 W. Broadway

Cozmic Pizza 199 W. 8th Ave. Ç 338-9333 (ALL AGES)

Creswell Coffee & Wine 116 Melton Rd., Creswell Ç 895-8860 (ALL AGES)

Davis 94 W. Broadway

Diablos/Downtown Lounge 959 Pearl St. Ç 343-2346

The District 1290 Oak St. Ç 434-3387

Docs Pad 710 Willamette Ç 343-0224

Driftwood Bar & Grill 5094 Main St., Spfd. Ç 988-4384

Duck Inn 1795 W. 6th Ave. Ç 302-9206

El Corral Restaurant 368 E 40th Ave Ç 485-9792

Eldorado 3000 W. 11th Ave. Ç 683-4580

The Embers 1811 Hwy 99 W. Ç 688-6564

Eugene City Brewery 844 Olive St. Ç 345-4155

Eugene Coffee Company 1840 Chambers St. Ç 344-0002

Eugene Eagles 1375 Irving Rd. Ç 688-9471

Excelsior Bistro 754 E. 13th Ç 342-6963

Fall Creek Tavern 40144 Big Fall Crk. Rd. Ç 937-2962

Friendly St. Caf¹ 2757 Friendly Ç 683-2079

Goodfellas 117 S. 14th St., Spfd.û Ç 726-9815

Good Times 375 E. 7th Ave. Ç 484-7181

The GUP 690 Van Buren St.

Happy Hours 645 River Rd. Ç 463-7632

Hodgepodge Restaurant 2190 W. 11th

The Jazz station 68 W. Broadway Ç 345-3315

Jimmy Macs Overtime Grill 770 S. Bertelsen Ç 342-5028

John Henrys 77 W. Broadway Ç 342-3358

June 1591 Willametteû

The Keg 4711 W. 11th Ave. Ç 345-5563

Keystone Cafe 395 W. 5th Ave. Ç 342-2075

Lavelles 5th St. Pub. Mkt Ç 338-9875

The Loft at Turtlesû 2690 Willamette

Long Branch Restaurant 270 S. 5th st., Ç 847-5686

Luckeysû 933 Olive St. Ç 687-4643

Macs at the Vets 1626 Willamette Ç 344-8600û

Maxs 550 E. 13th Ave. Ç 349-8986

McDonald Theatre 1010 Willamette St. (ALL AGES)

McShanes 86495 College View Rd. Ç 747-4031

Mohawk Tavern 1501 Mohawk Blvd., Springfieldû Ç 747-3211

Monroe St. Cafe 1123 Monroe St. Ç 342-8158

Moon Upstairs 228 Main St., Spfd

Mulligans 2841 Willamette Ç 484-1727

Oak St. Speakeasy 915 Oak St. Ç 284-4000

The O Bar 115 Commons Dr. Ç 349-0707

Old Pad 3355 E. Amazon. Ç 686-5022

ODonnells Irish Pub 295 Hwy. 99 N. Ç 688-4902

Overtime Tavern 770 S. Bertelsen Ç 342-5028û

Papas Soul Food Kitchen 4th & Blair. Ç 342-7500

Peabodys Pub 444 E. 3rd Ave.

Pizza Research Institute Ç 530 Blair Blvd.

Pour House 444 N. 42nd, Spfd. Ç 746-1337

Quackers 2105 W. 7th Ave. Ç 485-5925û

Rabbit Hole 126 4th St., Spfd Ç 746-1086

Raven A Pub 160 W. 6th St., Junction City

Red Lion Inn 205 Coburg Rd. Ç 342-5201

Rock *n Rodeo 44 E. 7th Ave. Ç 344-1293

Saginaw Vineyard 80247 Delight Valley Rd., Cottage Grove

Sam Bonds Garage 407 Blair Ç 431-6603

Sams Place 825 Wilson St. Ç 484-4455

The Shedd 868 High St. Ç 687-6526

Side Bar 1680 Coburg Rd. Ç 343-1200

Spirits 1714 Main St., Spfd Ç 726-0113

Strike City 1170 Highway 99 N. Ç 688-8900

Supreme Bean Woodfield Station, 29th & Willamette

Sweet Cheeks Winery 27007 Briggs Hill Rd.

The Tankard 330 Hwy 99 S, Junction City Ç 998-3123

Tapatio 725 Gibbs, Cottage Grove Ç 767-0457

Taylors Bar & Grille 894 E. 13th Ave. Ç 344-6174û

Territorial Wineryû 907 W. 3rd Ç 684-9463

Tiny Tavern 394 Blair Blvd. Ç 687-8383

Tomahawk Sports Bar 92178 Marcola Rd., Marcola Ç 933-2245

Vets Club 1626 Willamette St.

Village Green 725 Row River Rd., Cottage Grove

The Village Inn 1875 Mohawk Boulevard, Spfd Ç 747-9833

VFW Springfield 5344 Main St., Spfd. Ç 747-7564

Wandering Goat 268 Madison St.(ALL AGES)

whiskey river ranch 4740 Main St., Spfd. Ç 744-1594

White Horse Tavern 4360 Main St., Spfd Ç 744-1146

WineStyles 29th & Willamette Ç 434-WINE (ALL AGES)

World Cafe 449 Blair Blvd. Ç 345-1695 (ALL AGES)

WOW Hall 291 W. 8th Ave. Ç 687-2746 (ALL AGES)

Yukon Jacks 4th & W. Bdwy., Veneta Ç 935-1921