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Slant - 2017-12-07

• How low can the GOP sink? The party of Abraham Lincoln, of Dwight Eisenhower and of Ronald Reagan has become the Grand Old Pedophilia party with its endorsement this week of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, a man convincingly accused by multiple women of sexual misconduct with children as young as 14 when he was a prosecutor in his 30s. But what does decency matter when the Senate needs Moore’s vote to help steal money from the poor to give to its rich masters? 

• Oops! We’ve had (a lot of) complaints that the Sudoku puzzle was not in EW last week. Sorry about that. We need those little escapes like Sudoku and crosswords these days.

• Sabrina Parsons of Palo Alto Software gave the City Club of Eugene a joltingly long look for our city and the tech industry on Dec. 1, when she talked about some Portlanders now applying for jobs here because our public schools are stronger, traffic problems not so bad and our housing slightly easier to acquire than in the city to the north. So, how do we keep that advantage without sprawl?

• When we’re asked what to do to fight the tyranny of the Trump administration, we go back to electoral politics. Run for office, knock on doors, send money, make phone calls, march in the streets. That’s all the more relevant in our 4th Congressional District now that Art Robinson has filed for the fifth time against Peter DeFazio. Robinson will be backed once again by Trump buddies billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebecca Mercer. Their money will pour in here to support a candidate who is even worse than Donald Trump. It’s up to all of us who care about our country to see that Pete is re-elected in November 2018

• The freezing weather season is upon us, and as we welcome the holidays we also recognize that for many the season doesn't mean they are any less cold, hungry or unsheltered. The Egan Warming Center has been opening its many locations, and Occupy Medical continues its good work, no doubt gearing up to treat cases of frostbite. Here at EW we are stepping up on collecting warm clothes for those in need that we drop off at White Bird Clinic. Please come by EW’s offices at 1251 Lincoln Street with new or gently used clothing, jackets, blankets, scarves, gloves, sweaters and socks. Personal hygiene products and toiletries, blankets and sleeping bags, backpacks, tarps and new underclothing are also needed.