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Do You Believe in Magic?

Lindsey Stirling
Lindsey Stirling

Violinist Lindsey Stirling has a presence from another time — a magic that emulates the innocence of awe and wonder. She twirls like a ballerina on stage and entrances audiences with the intricate spells cast by her violin. And, for a split second, you’re caught thinking that the stories in fairytales really do exist.

Stirling is from the dry, gridded town of Gilbert, Arizona. Like a princess from a fable, she was born into a seemingly plain life that would quickly be uprooted by her own magical power: music. Stirling begged her parents for a violin at age 6, after growing up in a home flooded with orchestral and classical music, which she and her sisters would gleefully dance to.

Since then, her violin has been a charmed talisman that has guided her from humble beginnings to standing at the top of the Billboard chart in dance and electronic, holding three critically acclaimed albums and traveling the world as one of the best-known solo violinists. 

Stirling started a YouTube channel in 2007; it became her shooting star to fame. Her eclectic music videos, original songs and collaborations on the platform gained her 10 million subscribers and 2 billion views — a Cinderella-status achievement among YouTube creators, let alone traditional musicians. 

Brave Enough (2016) is her most recent full-length album, which weaves together tales of overcoming hardships and life’s trials with songs that cast a trance on listeners.

On the other end of her musical prowess, Warmer in the Winter (2017) — currently ranked second-best holiday album in the country (sorry, Michael Bublé) — puts you in the midst of sugarplums and snowy delight.

Ethereal yet laced with an intimidating strength, Stirling’s music beckons you to believe in magic. She makes her violin whisper and scream in a vibrato race between grace notes while she intertwines her melodies with electronic bursts. 

Lindsey Stirling plays 8 pm Thursday, Dec. 14, at the Hult Center; SOLD OUT. — Kelsey Anne Rankin