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Aaron Keim, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn

Although droves of arrogant artisans have parroted back the barbed saying “those who can’t do, teach,” in this modern age the statement couldn’t be further from the truth. Aaron Keim, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn are living proof of this quote’s irrelevance — in the realm of string instruments, it would seem there is nothing these folks can’t do, teaching included.

Keim is a teacher, scholar, musician, performer and luthier who is known as an all-around Renaissance man of string instruments. Though he is usually seen gigging with his indie-folk string band Boulder Acoustic Society, Keim has side projects galore — Flatfoot, Swing State and The Quiet American — to name a few. When he’s not doing things like earning his master’s degree in music history, repairing musical instruments or publishing articles on depression-era string bands, he is touring the country and teaching workshops on ukulele, old-time banjo, fingerstyle guitar and string bass. 

Kate Power and Steve Einhorn are award-winning folksingers, artists, writers and teachers. They built and nourished Portland’s Artichoke Music center, and have spent the last year and a half tearing across the country playing music and mentoring beginning musicians. Sound like people who can’t do, teaching? Still think the world is flat? These are luminaries as diverse as their musical repertoires; we’re pretty lucky to have them all in one place for a night. Try to get to this event early, parking and seating will be quite an interesting dance.     

Aaron Keim, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn play 7:30 pm Thursday, April 5, at Avalon Lodge; $15.