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Barreling Forward

Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing Company ups the ante

If this brewery only produced 10 barrels of beer, as its name might imply, Eugeneans would never have heard of it. Eastern Oregon would’ve drunk up everything and there would be nothing left for us to sip on. “We had to either grow or stagnate,” Brewmaster Jimmy Seifrit says. “We built this to expand.”

He is talking about 10 Barrel Brewing Company’s massive facility that became functional in February of 2012. Located on a 41-acre plot outside of Bend, this place has bumped up production to 100,000 barrels, as well as provided for downtown Bend’s annual drunk and disorderly Freedom Ride bicycle tour.  

The new state-of-the-art brewery features massive tanks, fermenters, access catwalks, huge exposure-conscious windows and a rogue skateboard. “It’s meant to provide a fun and creative environment for us,” Seifrit says as he climbs up, over and around the brewery like it’s some giant jungle gym or beer-soaked playground.

10 Barrel is perhaps best known for its Apocalypse IPA, which constitutes some 50 percent of the brewery’s total production. Other stand-by brews such as S1NIST0R Black IPA, India Session Ale and Oregon Brown Ale make up the rest of what 10 Barrel has to offer. 

Along with these four hop-centric signature beers, Seifrit and company have produced extraordinary seasonal ales. There’s the delicious biscuity Kolsch, the Northwest Red Ale and a strong pale ale also. 

And not only does 10 Barrel Brewing crank out these fine beers en masse, it also has a lively pub with a killer menu. It’s really just one more reason to visit, and salute the eastern side of our sudsy state.