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Beach House in full bloom

Beach House
Beach House

Beach House does not want you to think about their music, they want you to feel it. “At the end of the day when you hear our music, I hope the analytical side shuts down and you feel it more,” Victoria Legrand (lead vocals, keyboard) says. 

That’s all one can really ask for with the Baltimore-based duo’s latest Bloom, their fourth studio-recorded album that sounds like it has traveled light years to reach your ears. Co-produced with Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio), Bloom melds Legrande’s androgynous voice and hovering organ chords with Alex Scally’s guitar melodies to create a beautiful cosmic melancholy. Although Beach House fits very clearly into the indie music scene, they have transcended a genre that often gets stuck in a wispy, homogenous blur.

On the track “Myth,” Legrand sings, “Aeons from the sun, can you come?” over the rolling hypnotic textures created by Scally’s slide guitar. “Lazuli” (referring to the brilliant blue gemstone, lapis lazuli) layers a playful organ, synths and drumbeats while Legrand echoes, “Wander eyes, ocean high. And we don’t dare slip on by.” This is the kind of music that makes lying on your bed and gazing at the ceiling for hours seem very, very purposeful.

Across the album, the songwriting is distant, esoteric and intentional and Beach House is adamant that Bloom is meant to be experienced in its entirety — there are no hit singles here for the Billboard Hot 100. “If you throw a bunch of songs together, it’s not a record. Maybe people do that in major mainstream music,” Legrand tells EW. “We work really hard, we pay attention to details, and we craft things carefully and passionately.”

So don’t think about anything, just close your eyes and feel the music. “We’re artists,” Legrand says. “We’re not that interested in the back story.”

Beach House plays with Dustin Wong 7 pm Saturday, Sept. 29, at McDonald Theater; $20.