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Blame it on the Rain

Clothes for running and biking in winter weather
Element Half Zip
Element Half Zip

To survive winters in Eugene and have some fun along the way, braving the rain and overall glumness of the atmosphere is mandatory. Gray skies and routine downpours shouldn’t equate to an uneventful winter. For active people who love the outdoors, routine runs, bike rides, hiking trips and climbs to the top of snow-covered peaks can still take place. And to be fully prepared for these ventures, having the right clothing is key. This sort of gear costs more than your average stocking stuffer, but when considering how efficient and durable it is, the prices are worth it. 

Element Half Zip (pictured)

What would a holiday guide in Tracktown USA be wpithout recommendations for winter running gear? This long-sleeve shirt sold at Eugene Running Company may not look like much when considering the weather Eugene receives, but it is deceptively warm, doesn’t hold sweat, and it breathes well while still providing enough insulation. It comes in two shades of gray as well as in black. It sells for $60. 

Endura Helium Jacket 

Sold at Life Cycle, this is a more expensive option for cycling in winter conditions, but it breathes very well and is waterproof. They come in red and black and go for $140. 

Endura Rain Pants

Also at Life Cycle, these rain pants are not only waterproof but they have reflective prints in the front and back. This allows for you to be visible when the skies begin to darken in mid-afternoon and in pitch-black conditions. They sell for $99. 

Novara Headwind Jacket 

This jacket that you can buy at REI for $99.50 repels winds up to 60 miles per hour while also functioning as a shell against hard rains. Made of 100 percent polyester, it is well insulated and keeps you dry — no matter what you are doing. Specifically made for biking, it dissipates excess heat when riding at swift speeds. 

Tempest Tights 

The ideal accompaniment for the aforementioned jacket when riding these tights are also water-repellent, protect you from excess winds and keep you warm. They are made of mainly spandex nylon and polyester, but the inclusion of Lycra allows for free movement when pedaling. They sell for $79.50 at REI. 

Smartwool Balaclava

A necessity to complete this biking outfit is a balaclava, which covers the head and neck and protects from rain and wind while also keeping you warm. Buying the Smartwool brand is recommended as the products are often recognized as the most comfortable and dependable. Along with sheltering you from the cold and wet, they are made of merino wool, which is odor resistant. When riding in the Eugene cold, it’s better to have this headscarf than be blasted with winds and sideways rain. They retail $40 at REI. High-end Patagonia merino balaclavas can be found at Backcountry Gear for $59.

Cold Weather Beanie

This beanie, also sold at Life Cycle, lives up to its name. Its insulation keeps you warm, and it is also reflective. If you prefer not to wear your Smartwool balaclava while running, this is the next best thing. They sell for $20.