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If you sit down and think about it, it’s pretty crazy just how many sounds can be made with a guitar. That’s essentially six strings, some wood and some wiring, for the record, but people keep coming up with new ways to push the limits. Hendrix did it back in the ‘60s, and the dawning of speed metal saw the guitar’s technical barriers being broken, but of late we’re experiencing a guitar-god drought. Enter the oasis: Buckethead, the man with a face as elusive as his chops. His head adorned with KFC bucket, he stands on stage and works his fingers to the bone in a display of unfathomable virtuosic technicality. In short, he is truly master of his domain; in this case, six strings, some wood and some wiring. Buckethead plays 8pm, Thursday, Sept. 13, at McDonald Theatre; $25 adv., $28 door.