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A Christmas Carol for Kids

When Charles Dickens put ink to paper for “A Christmas Carol,” he probably never could have envisioned his tale being told quite like this. Al LePage, a laugh riot with acting chops to boot, returns to town this year with his production “A Christmas Carol for Kids! The one-man show is a retelling of Dickens’ classic tale through the eyes of Englishman Thomas Hutchinson, Traveling Thespian. LePage uses his skills to enliven the story by playing every character, and doing it well. The show is for kids 5 and up, and it’s guaranteed that they’ll be captivated, giggling and having fun from start to finish. Take a look at that bloke!

“A Christmas Carol for Kids” plays at 10:30 am Saturday, Dec. 1, at The Lane County Historical Museum; $2 kids, $3 adults.