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Complex Relations

Robert Schwartzman (pictured) not only played Anne Hathaway’s best friend’s little brother in Princess Diaries, but he’s also got a damn cool music career going. He founded Rooney in 2003 and has worked with the group until recently. Now he’s touring solo with Brian Bell (Weezer) and lighting up the stage with his own brand of dance-pop-electronica that has some serious mothafunkin’ groove power behind it.

Brian Bell is the guitarist of Weezer. His new project, The Relationship, is mellow, balladic and beautiful. It’s pretty much not what one would expect considering the nerdy brilliance that Weezer once emanated, but it’s this music that’s establishing Bell as a genius songwriter. Without the shadow of Rivers Cuomo, it’ll be interesting to see what Bell is able to come up with live.

Both guys cut their teeth in the music world with successful touring groups, and now that they’ve flown the coop — at least temporarily — it’s time to either watch them soar or see them nose dive into a lake of fiery criticism. My money’s on the former, especially where Bell is concerned. In the meantime, why not check out the Princess Diaries kid and Weezer’s guitarist at WOW Hall on St. Patrick’s Day?

Robert Schwartzman and The Relationship play 9 pm Saturday, March 17, at WOW Hall; $8 adv., $10 door.