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Foreclosure Support

Every little bit counts. At least, that’s the way the folks at Project REconomy see it when it comes to foreclosure. The Oregon-based organization is holding a rally from 4 to 7 pm Sunday, June 24, at Reality Kitchen, 245 Van Buren, to “celebrate, affirm and tell the stories of victories” against the foreclosure machine, says Communications Director Michelle Glass.

The gathering will cover topics such as rights, illegal foreclosures, protections, solutions and effects on the community. Glass says that recognizing victories brings up an important question: “What does victory look like?” For some, it’s speaking out about what’s happened; for others, it’s a successful court case. 

Not just homeowners suffer because of foreclosure, but one in 73 Oregon homeowners received a notice in 2011. Glass says that it affects everyone from neighbors to renters (rental prices go up when banks hold onto “shadow inventories”). She also says it’s particularly hard on kids. More than 8 million kids have been affected nationally by the foreclosure crisis, according to the Brookings Institute and First Focus.

“We got a phone call in our office recently from a single mom of three,” Glass says. “She was being evicted because the rental property was being foreclosed on, and she was the last one to know.”