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Happy Birthday Fatty

If you’ve spent any evenings out and about in Eugene, you’ve probably met a man called “Fatty,” also known as Joshua Isaac Finch. His lovable mug is spotted everywhere from managing security at Level Up or Cowfish to playing in one of his many bands at local watering holes. Finch also regularly performs on the burgeoning Eugene stand-up comedy circuit, and he is the mastermind behind the ’zine Exiled in Eugene.

As far as I can tell, Fatty doesn’t do anything half-assed, and that includes birthdays. For example, July 25, Fatty turns 30, an age where some might be content to spend an introspective evening over a nice dinner. For Fatty, it calls for a raging night of performances at WOW Hall complete with his friends, fans, family and favorite local bands. 

When asked about charging admission to a “birthday party” via Facebook, Finch writes, “Don’t buy me a beer, buy yourself a $5 ticket to have an awesome night, as well as supporting both the printing of our fourth issue and four excellent local bands.”

Speaking of the four excellent local bands, like a true musical mastermind Fatty has called together groups from all corners of music. 

For early birds, openers Æshtree should set the mood with swelling, emotive tunes off a recent debut EP I am beauty itself, among all beautiful things. Next up on stage will be the punk sound of Bad Luck Blackouts; lead singer Kyra Van Winkle’s crystalline voice is strong enough to cut through any aggressive shredding. Whiskey-tinged cowpunk tunes from The Lowmen will be sure to ratchet things up further, and an all-out experimental shirtless prog-rock show by Kemosabe will tie up any loose ends. The celebratory night will also serve in partial as a fundraiser for Exiled in Eugene

Fatty’s Dirty 30 begins 8 pm Saturday, July 25, at WOW Hall; $5 adv., $7 door.