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Head-banging and Heroines

When Portland folk move to Eugene, a common complaint is that there’s not enough punk rock. Jean Grey provides something we don’t get enough of here — loud, angry punk music that gives you a feeling in your gut that can only be quelled through moshing. Reminiscent of the authentic garage bands we all loved in high school, Jean Grey is a group formed in 2006 and named after a voluptuous super-heroine. 

The band’s new album comes with the ominous title Abysmal. After setting such a dark stage for their debut, the members of Jean Grey step up to the plate, creating a diverse set of songs with names like “Ovarian Cyst” and “Dissection of a Human Body.” The band is impressive in its ability to pair fast drumbeats, heavy guitar parts and lyrics that sound as if Steven King got hold of a microphone. 

Comparable to groups like The Black Dahlia Murder and Beneath the Massacre, Jean Grey has already achieved its own version of local fame right here, and the group has national tour chops. Formed by drummer Charlie Wilson, these guys have been playing up and down the West Coast for years. The band is currently at work on its first concept album, based on the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft. 

Priding itself on a professional approach to showmanship, with wild thrashing and synchronized head-banging, Jean Grey puts on a show that is not to be missed. 

Jean Grey plays 8 pm Thursday, June 14, at WOW Hall; $5 adv., $8 door.