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Hempfest Puts Education First

It’s high time for a rollback on the prohibition of the world’s most beneficial plant, activists say. Emerald Empire HempFest is gearing up for its ninth annual event at Maurie Jacobs Park July 20 to 22. 

Fashioned after Seattle’s HempFest, the Emerald Empire HempFest is becoming something more than just a haven for pot paraphernalia and heavy tokers. “It’s all about education,” HempFest Executive Director Dan Koozer says.

“This year will be a celebrating event,” Koozer says, because Initiative 9, which qualified for the November ballot on July 14, gives Oregon voters a chance to legalize marijuana this fall. 

“Keep it free,” the HempFest’s slogan, is double-sided. “HempFest is free for people to come and go, while trying to free the plant,” Koozer explains. 

According to Koozer, there will be stages for musical performances, a food court, booths for artists, vendors featuring hemp products and nonprofits groups.

There will be guest speakers from Voter Power, THCF and Mercy Centers who will address environmental benefits of hemp, medical uses of marijuana and the negative consequences of prohibition. 

The Emerald Empire HempFest’s “Ganja Goddesses” will be seeking donations to help cut production costs and to raise more green for the cause.

This is an all-age, alcohol-free event and no illegal activities will be tolerated. See www.emeraldempirehempfest.com for info.