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Kory Weimer

Growing up in Glendale, Calif., just outside Hollywood, Kory Weimer first auditioned for a commercial when he was 4 years old. “From that moment on,” he says, “I knew I wanted to be an actor.” At age 8, he moved, along with his mom, sister, uncle and grandparents, to an ostrich farm 2 miles from Junction City. “I had a lot of time to watch old movies and memorize monologues,” he says. “One of the first was Iago’s monologue from Othello. I recited them for my mother and grandma.” In eighth grade, he and a friend performed stand-up comedy in a high school talent contest. “In high school, I tried for some kind of theater every term,” he says. “My first lead role, as a senior, was nominated for an award by the Cappies, student reviewers from around the area.” After high school, he studied theater at LCC, where his first major role was Edgar in King Lear. “For the last eight years, it’s been one show after another, at Very Little Theatre, Lord Leebrick and Actors Cabaret,” says Weimer, whose day job as an early morning barista at Allann Bros. frees his evenings for rehearsals and performances. “On July 1, I finished Tom in Glass Menagerie at the Cottage Theater. Now I’m taking the rest of the year off to rest and recuperate. I’m hoping to get in with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.”