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Lane Area Spray Schedule 5-24-2012

• ODOT District 5 plans to spray Hwy. 99 between Eugene and Junction City, I-5, Beltline and I-105 shoulders and ramps and connecting highways such as Hwy. 99 South, Cloverdale and the lower end of Hwy. 58. Call (888) 996-8080 for more detailed information.

• ODF, 935-2283, is hiring Nick’s Timber Service, (503) 910-1120) to ground spray state forestry roadsides on their land throughout Lane County. Chemicals include Element 4, Element 3A, Oust XP and Forester’s with Agri-Dex surfactant. See notice 2012-781-00363.

• Giustina, 345-2301, is hiring Northwest Reforestation Services, 554-0489, to cut and spray false brome and scotch broom and other invasives on 194 acres near Hawley Creek and Coyote Creek and on 159 acres near Hall Road and 80 acres near High Pass Road. Notice 2012-781-00356.