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Lane County Area Spray Schedule 7-5-2012

ODOT is spraying highways in the Lane County area. For more information call 1-888-996-8080.

• West Lane ODF, 935-2283, has hired Nick’s Timber Services (503) 910-1120 to ground spray 10 miles of roadsides on ODF land in western Lane County with Element 3A, Element 4, Oust XP, Forester’s Accord Concentrate, Agri-Dex and/or Herbimax. See ODF notice 2012-781-00363.

• Freres Lumber Company, (503) 859-2111, plans to do hack and squirt with Imazapyr on 160 acres of land near Swartz Creek in Section 30 of Township 15S, Range 06W. See ODF notice 2012-781-00478.