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Miller is Macadelic

Three million-plus Facebook fans can’t be wrong, right? If your YouTube videos have over 15 million hits each and you’re getting love from the likes of The Source and XXL Magazine, you are obviously a hot commodity. Welcome to the world of Mac Miller, the 20-year-old freestyle-rapping Pittsburgh native who has been blowing up large for the better part of a year now. He isn’t changing the game the way Dre or Eminem or even Nelly did, but with a handful of releases already under his belt, the prolific artist is showing that he has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

The most intriguing aspect of Miller’s tracks is that he flows with ease whether he’s just shooting the breeze or dusting off his critics. His feathers don’t get ruffled easily, and it is easy to see how fans can appreciate his sense of humor. “Aliens Fighting Robots” is a cool jam showcasing the absurdities of life from the fleeting interest people take in each other as long as they have something to gain to the notion that life isn’t going to change until the titular characters of the song bring an end to the world. Meanwhile, in the intro to “Vitamins,” the baby-faced Miller adopts a mocking tone as he mimics a nagging parent telling him to take his vitamins, and — just to show he can be thought-provoking — “Thoughts From a Balcony” has him rhapsodizing about making dreams reality. 

While a lot of his content is not groundbreaking — a rap artist who drops f-bombs like there’s no tomorrow, makes repeated drug, alcohol and club references and talks about sexual escapades isn’t exactly blazing any trails — the way he presents himself and his tunes is noteworthy. He doesn’t just drop heavy beats that swallow up his words and everything else in his songs, but instead he brings in an odd variety of sounds to complement them. 

Mac Miller plays 7 pm Tuesday, Sept. 25, at Cuthbert Amphitheater; $35. — Brian Palmer