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Music in the Raw

Photo by Sean Danaher.
Photo by Sean Danaher.

Eugene singer-songwriter Caroline Bauer is only 21, but the lyrics to her gracefully composed love songs might have you thinking differently. Yes, Bauer is calendar young, but she’s a musician wise beyond her years.

Until just few years back, Bauer was hesitant about sharing her art with the public. “My music always felt private like an intimate experience,” she says, “but when it got the point where I really wanted to share it with people, that nervousness went away really organically.”

Bauer’s songwriting reveals an unrefined and folksy vibe that is balanced by the pure, authentic nature of her love songs. Relying solely on her voice and guitar (and the occasional appearance of her ukulele), Bauer creates an unprocessed sound that maintains its innocence. “It’s well-produced but also raw,” she says.

“Of all the emotions, love is the feeling that inspires me the most,” Bauer explains. And love is what this singer appears to know best. Bauer’s music is honest and vulnerable, and that vulnerability is what creates the softness that is so appealing. 

Currently, Bauer is busy preparing tracks for a full-length album — one that she says she hopes will be released by the end of the year. Her EP, Goodbye Beautiful, is available for free download on her website at soundcloud.com/music-by-caroline

Caroline Bauer plays 5 pm Thursday, July 5, at Cozmic; FREE.