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Open Wide

As far as anatomy is concerned, the mouth allows us to breathe, eat, drink, kiss and sing. Magic Mouth, Portland’s spunky, post-funk soul quartet, speaks to this versatility, preferring to bite first and make statements later.

“We started as a queer party band,” guitarist Peter Condra says. Condra and drummer Ana Margarita formed Magic Mouth in the spring of 2010. They started off performing original songs and Nina Simone covers. A year later Brendan Scott (bass) and Chanticleer Tru (vocals, keys) joined the duo, adding elements of indie-rock, dance-punk, pop and soul-gospel harmony. “It’s very un-ironic music now,” Condra says, “not trite indie rock.”

For Condra, the band’s recent success in Portland has been its ability to pick up a broader fan base. “When we started, we played mostly with rappers and drag acts,” he says. “The community we’re a part of is a constant party. Our live show reflects that and has brought in a lot of new faces this year.”

Believer, the first Magic Mouth EP, features all the tambourine-shaking, genre-breaking music you could ask for. With a second record to be released in September, a West Coast tour supporting the Corin Tucker Band and a slot at the Portland DIY dance-festival Superfest, Magic Mouth is ready to shed its sonic orthodontia in favor of fangs.

Magic Mouth plays with Sistafist 7 pm Tuesday, Aug. 14, at Wandering Goat, 268 Madison St.; $5 sug. don.