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Peck the Town Crier

Peck the Town Crier is a former NYU jazz student turned street performer who busked his way through genres and across the country. After steeping himself in the jam band scene as a young man, Chris Peck became an aficionado of 1970s electric jazz groups like Mahavishnu Orchestra. As if that genre hop wasn’t eccentric enough, Peck then began hanging out at Zulu Nation parties and soaking up authentic East Coast hip hop vibes. The result of Peck’s scene shifting and style studying is a unique mixture of electric jazz, hip hop and pop. The guy can go from p-funk to honky tonk at warp speed, use his cadence like an instrument and play mean guitar licks while rapping about James Brown, underwear and other obscurities. 

A natural performer and road warrior, Peck is touring the Pacific Northwest for the first time, stopping through Eugene to bless us with his nerdy wit and spitfire rap verses. 

Chris Peck the Town Crier plays 8pm Friday, July 13, at Tiny Tavern. FREE.