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Pollution Update 11-21-12

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) records indicate that Junction City has now paid the water pollution penalty mentioned in Nov. 15’s Pollution Update.

The City of Eugene’s Stormwater Annual Report is now online, and public comments are being accepted until 5 pm on Nov. 30.  Go to wkly.ws/1e4

DEQ is accepting public comments on school bus company First Student, Inc.’s stormwater pollution plan for its Corvallis bus maintenance facility until 5 pm on Nov. 30.  Visit wkly.ws/1e5 to see the plan, and wkly.ws/1e1to comment.

According to Grist, Americans will throw away $282 million worth of uneaten turkey on Thanksgiving, and “per pound, the resources needed to produce that turkey are equivalent to driving your car 11 miles and taking a 130-minute shower (at four gallons/minute).”  See wkly.ws/1e3