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Sinful Stepping

The Dance Factory brings the seven deadly sins to the stage

Does wrath look like a pop, lock and drop or a ball change? And envy? Perhaps an axel turn or a stag leap? Pride is most certainly jazz hands. In 7Even, the Dance Factory takes on all seven cardinal sins to show us how even the best of intentions can go wrong. Artistic director Roshny Bhakta has put together a show based on our deepest and darkest human urges. “We’re going for a kaleidoscope of emotions,” she says. “In the greed category, for example, you’ll see different pieces conveying the idea of being rich and overwhelmed by it.” 

In 7Even, each sin has a designated color, which appears in backgrounds and costumes. Greed is gold, lust is magenta, wrath is red and gluttony is a pale yellow. “Our gluttony category is super playful, as most of the music in this portion of the show talks about food,” Bhakta says. 

Bhakta fuses different genres of contemporary dance, like jazz and hip hop, to create the overall effect. Her goal is to showcase the strengths and diversity of different dance programs in Eugene. “Nothing is possible with just one group,” Bhakta says. “We always collaborate.”

7Even features 31 pieces of hip hop and jazz choreography, performed by the Dance Factory’s five groups of 41 dancers as well as nine guest groups. These include the UO dance team, the Satellite Project, ZAPP and Ballet North West Academy. “We’re a really tight-knit dance community,” says Bhatka. “We work together to bring the audience the best shows.” So get off your couch, ahem gluttony, and break out those jazz hands. ν

7Even runs 7:30 pm Friday, Nov. 16, at Soreng Theatre; $15.