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Street Peeps

Pondering our personal place in the Olympics

One of our intrepid summer interns took her camera and notepad to the streets of Eugene last week and asked people, “If you could compete in one Olympic event, what would it be and why?”


Quinn Barraza

I would do gymnastics, because my older sister did gymnastics and it holds a special place in my heart.


Rick Erickson

I would compete in the steeplechase, because it is an obstacle course of racing and it is super cool.


Brian Penner

I would do beach volleyball. I love the cohesiveness of playing with your partner and the difficulty of playing off your opponent. I also like that it is a fun sport when played competitively and non-competitively.


Kellyn Gross 

I would compete in the 800 in track and field, because I used to run that and it is familiar to me. I know what it entails.


Frog (aka David Miller)

Gymnastics. I participated in gymnastics in high school.


Cheryl Berggren

I would do swimming, because I don't know how to swim well and it would be a good motivator to learn.



I would compete in badminton. I played it in my high school gym class and was really good. That might be the one team I could get on.


Jampal Gohler

I would play badminton. Last week my mom and I went camping and we played badminton, and I was really good.