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The Toughest Girl Alive

Holists say the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For example, take part single mother since 17, part former stripper and plus-size porn star, part successful musician and part cancer survivor. Put them together and you’ve got so much more than bibbidi-bobbidi-boo; you’ve got Candye Kane.

Now a celebrated blues musician and openly bisexual LGBT advocate, Kane got her start singing at a young age. Ever industrious, Kane used money earned from her days stripping, posing topless and starring in porno films to hire musicians to help her record and fulfill her dreams. 

However, this BBW wasn’t always a blues singer. Coming of age in LA during the rise of punk, Kane shared the stage with the likes of the Circle Jerks and Black Flag with her first band Rawhide. A few years later, she turned to a country sound with a group called The Armadillo Stampede, the success of which landed her the only major-label release of her career.

In a serendipitous turn, Kane discovered Etta James and Ruth Brown around the same time she grew tired of the country scene and turned to blues. “I realized that blues would forgive me for my controversial past, and I sure wouldn’t have to lose weight to be taken seriously as a blues singer,” she writes on her website.

Speaking of the controversial past, Kane is no shrinking violet. She’s penned true-to-life tongue-in-cheek tunes like “Great Big Woman” and “White Trash Girl.” She’s authored a play, The Toughest Girl Alive, detailing her porno rags-to-riches life. Oh, and she kicked pancreatic cancer. Twice.

Watch Kane take a song by the balls and turn it into pure gold with her brash, rockabilly blues voice 8 pm Tuesday, Dec. 11, at Cozmic; $12 adv., $16 door.