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Trippin’ On Down The Mountainside

Rugged as ever, The Brothers Comatose are hitting just about every town on the West Coast this tour and playing a multitude of small venues and bars along the way. Honestly, though, they’d probably feel happiest posted up outside, stomping their feet against the drying wood of a porch as spring rolls in. 

Comatose is a blatant misnomer, by the way. Don’t be fooled. In fact, Alex and Ben Morrison do everything they can to make sure the group is leading the audience away from drowse and dullitude, and toward something more akin to a drunken hillbilly shit-storm or that dance party in The Matrix: Reloaded. The point is, these dudes aren’t docile, and they want their crowds to follow suit. 

An energetic sense of oneness with the music — keeping the audience absolutely rooted to the edge of their seats (or the balls of their feet) — is what a live show should evoke. The Brothers Comatose has rocked out on the same floorboards as The Devil Makes Three, Greensky Bluegrass and Or, The Whale, and considering the festivals they’re signed on for this year, that list of well-known headliners is sure to increase.

The bros are still rocking along with the tunes on their 2011 release, Songs from the Stoop, but these songs don’t get old. That’s a definite plus of the string-band genre — the tradition and antiquity found on studio recordings usually pales in comparison to the actual hootin’ and hollerin’ that takes place on stage. Perfectionists: Eat your hearts out. This is about having fun.

The Brothers Comatose play 9 pm Tuesday, April 10, at Cozmic; $5 adv., $7 door. — Andy Valentine