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Valley Boys Go Big

It’s unclear what Infantree used to record its music, but it sounds like an eight-track with a one-track mind. Confused? Yeah, I was too until I realized that making comparisons to other bands is more than doable but inherently pointless, because Infantree stands alone as a freak-pop group that totally rules.

Hailing from California’s San Fernando Valley, Infantree is comprised of four dudes who exhibit influences ranging from pop to doo-wop, while making certain they hit everything in between. In a short period of time, the group has garnered a great deal of attention — I know if I’d made appearances on multiple television and radio spots, including Conan and Bamm.tv, I’d be fucking stoked. In fact, the deeper you look into Infantree the more apparent it becomes that the band is headed for big things. Most indie outfits would have difficulty being noticed even if they played loudly in the middle of a library — Infantree might just be the little indie group that could.

The band’s only full-length, an LP called Wouldwork, is nothing short of awesome. It swings hard while simultaneously rocking your face and lacing indie-galore undertones into the cracks. And, when these guys hit the stage, they rock just as hard. As Conan O’Brien put it when they visited his show: “That was great. Hey, that was amazing.”

Infantree and Tumbleweed Wanderers play 9 pm Wednesday, May 23, at Sam Bond’s; $1-$5 door.