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Demimonde Slumber Party
Demimonde Slumber Party

There’s going to be an extremely eclectic show at Oak Street Speakeasy this Saturday, Nov. 3 a show that would probably never take place under normal circumstances. But, Grrrlz Rock is taking over this month, providing a somewhat abnormal set of circumstances. Grrrlz Rock is a month-long local concert series that spotlights and supports amazing female artists that light up this humble valley with music. A few acts are looking to make a splash at The Speakeasy this weekend. 

Demimonde Slumber Party (DSP) sound like The Donnas and the B-52s had a baby, guitar-heavy with a distinctly retro, surfer-rock sound. Singer/songwriter/guitarist Melissa Lubofsky and drummer Kim Lindquist co-founded DSP in the 1990s, and after a rotation of bassists, they landed Tim Romain. Romain is now a long-distance band member based out of Seattle, but he is featured on all of DSP’s albums. Locally, Lubofsky and Lindquist recruited bassist, Annette Scarle. With an organic garage-band sound, their current album, Heart in Outer Space, features Lubofsky’s sassy vocals on an ode to chocolate, driving guitar solos and funky bass beats.

Jumping further back in time is the all-women group The Eager Beavers. Disregarding their lyrics for a second, The Eager Beavers sound like they are straight out of the 1930s (think The Andrews Sisters, except one-part sweet, two-parts raunchy). With instruments like the upright bass, banjo and kazoo, and smoky swing vocals, The Eager Beavers usher in controversial, blush-worthy lyrical content on bouncy waves of comical cheer. With humorous songs like “Touched by an Uncle” and “Blood is the Best Lube, Period,” particularly sensitive audience members need not apply. The brave women of The Eager Beavers are Ali Heyer on vocals, keyboard, ukulele and bass, Carrie Bodwell on piano and vocals and Jonna Threlkeld on vocals, banjo, sax, clarinet and guitar.

Closing the show with a shot of reggae will be I-chèle & The Circle of Light. Originally hailing from New York City, I-Chèle is now based in Portland, Ore. She blends R&B and reggae into a fusion held together by her versatile voice. Her vocals float in, around and through synth effects and deep beats, producing an entrancing underwater effect. I-Chèle is backed by The Circle of Light, a group of musicians who, in 2006, were a backing band at the NW World Reggae Festival. I-Chèle’s current album, Salon d’Esoterica (Liquid Love), was produced by Vince Black, who has previously played guitar with the likes of Black Uhuru and Wailing Souls.

Demimonde Slumber Party, The Eager Beavers and I-Chèle and The Circle of Light play with Heidi Marie 10 pm Saturday, Nov. 3, at Oak Street Speakeasy; 21+, no cover.