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West Coasting


The thing about Coasting is that momentum equates productivity, not stasis — especially when the goal is organically rolling, low-pressure indie rock with teeth. For Madison Farmer and Fiona Campbell, guitarist and drummer respectively, the two-piece Coasting is the rugged touring sister act amongst myriad other DIY siblings around the country. Formed in Brooklyn in 2009, Coasting currently drifts between Memphis and Portland, spitting gritty melodic shoegazing music back and forth.

You’re Never Going Back, the debut long-play released last November on floating record label M’Lady, sounds like heavy rain falling simultaneously on Glasgow, Olympia and Dunedin, New Zealand, back when indie was a necessity not a style, when punk was about to break big.

Influenced by perpetual motion and bands like The Clean and The Chills, Coasting bridges fast three-minute punk and soft slow-drone coos with cantilevered ease (see: “Kids” and “Snoozefest”). This is the intentional chilling-out of musicians escaping the New York pace but retaining all the intensity.

Reunited to tour, Coasting heads to SXSW via the great Northwest. “We’re all over the place,” says Campbell. “That’s the way we like it.” Right now, Coasting is in its element: doing what it wants, where it wants, how it wants to: cruise-control to the next sonic location. As they say in New Zealand, sweet as.

Coasting plays 9 pm Monday, March 5, at Wandering Goat; donations gladly accepted.