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Whiskey-Fueled Banjo-Twanging

Photo by Sean Danaher.
Photo by Sean Danaher.

The Wainwright Brothers, those beardy bluegrass buskers known for inciting dance frenzies up and down the West Coast, are back at it again. It’s not like the group ever really stopped being the whiskey-fueled banjo-twanging road warriors they are, but a brief hibernation allowed the band to rest up — and now they’re on a tear. 

Adam Alexander (guitar, mandolin), Will Glaser (percussion, guitar), Dylan Macnab (banjo), Ryan Galas (bass) and Erin Howe (violin) play indie, roots and bluegrass-inspired music with an educated versatility and raw edge. The Wainwright Brothers can take you from a fast, foot-stomping threshold to a soft introspective ballad and anywhere in between. This show is a sure bet for anyone looking to experience Eugene’s burly folk-revival scene. 

The Wainwright Brothers play with The Whiskey Chasers 10 pm Friday, June 29, at The Granary; $3-$5 sliding scale.