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Letters to the Editor



Don’t Jail Mentally Ill Homeless


Desperately Seeking Sasquatch
Stalking Eugene’s bigfoot bash
By Rick Levin


Float On
Floater celebrates the release of Wake
by William Kennedy

Dark Beyond Their Years

Jazz Futures
Kicking down meaningless categories

Float On
Floater celebrates the release of Wake


Axe & Fiddle Fools for Rowan­8:30; Alt rock, n/c

Blind Pig Open Mic­8; n/c

Café Maroc Belly Dancing w/Heather­7:30; n/c

The City Comedy Night­7:30; $5

Cloud 9 Bites for Rights­5; Variety, $3

Club Snafu DJ yo Huckleberry­10; n/c

Live Panic
New album makes Spreadheads happy
By Catherine Foss

Jazz Futures
Kicking down meaningless categories
by Brett Campbell

Dear Mexican: Why do the Mexicans HATE American soccer and “hate” (bolded, underlined, and italicized) Landon Donovan?

— Uncle Sam’s Army Brat

Saving Lives and Minds
Kay Ryan

Botanical Adventures
The Collector


Botanical Adventures


Chard Times
Oregon white wines rising to the top
By Lance Sparks

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


The Art Center “Points of View,” works by Rich Bergman, Walt O’Brien & Charles Search, brown bag art talk at noon and reception at 5:30-7pm on Thursday, May 6, through May 29. 700 SW Madison Ave., Corvallis

Natural Resistance:
Safe Haven

We owe a debt to those who do not turn away

Standing Up to Nike?

UO paralyzed by state system rule