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Zombies, voodoo dolls, evil spells, animal sacrifices and Hollywood horror scenes of possessed people drinking blood: When you hear the words “Voodoo” and “Santería,” chances are those are the images that come to mind. But talk to anyone who actually practices one of these Caribbean religions, and they’ll tell you that those stereotypes are way off base.

True Fiction

Avant Garde Extravaganza
Portland’s Time Based Art brings cutting edge performance to Oregon
By Brett Campbell

A Full Life, Reclaimed
Trash to charming, historical treasure
by Suzi Steffen

Timber Payment 
Conversation a dishonest one
by Ron Davis

Behind Door #1
A Q&A with candidate Nir Kabaretti

Hard to Perfect
Built to Spill revisits Perfect From Now On

Sisters in Learning
Technology aids Russian-Eugene connection
by Eva Sylwester

Good Humor Bands
Traditions converge in Eugene
By Brett Campbell 

Behind Door #1
A Q&A with candidate Nir Kabaretti
by Suzi Steffen

Gone, But Not Forgotten
Imitation of life (and death) at La Follette Gallery
by Chuck Adams


Nonviolence in Eugene
Conference brings together civil rights and environmental justice
by Courtney Jacobs

Shadows on the Wall
Neal Stephenson’s new brainburner

Lilies Galore
Take care with fragile bulbs




Celebrate Downtown at the EC
Merchants anticipate excitement, if not more sales
by Katie Dettman

Downtown merchants are gearing up for this weekend’s Eugene Celebration  ­  expect big sales and discounts, but don’t expect extended hours. 


Laugh, Cry, Be Inspired
Film Festival at DIVA
By Courtney Jacobs

A Tale of Two Conventions
One was a block party. One was an angry country club. Neither was great for free speech
by Jeff Shaw