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Looking Backward

VLT’s newest sister show falls short

Empire Falls

Fictional and real consequences of U.S. foreign policy


Bounty Call
Keeping the fruits and veggies of summer through the year
by Suzi Steffen

My preserving career got off to what might generously be called a horrible start.


Run. Drink.

Run. Think.

Run. Drink.

Bottled Beauties
Umpqua wines sneak under the radar
By Lance Sparks

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Beanery at 5th Avenue Work by Cheryl Campbell, through June 30. An opening is 6pm Friday. 125 W. 5th Ave.


Cool Off With Your Brain Off III:
Revenge of crap movies
by Molly Templeton


Skipping School
A few Eugeneans offer suggestions on the best ways to spend a day playing hooky. Which we don’t encourage, of course.
by Katrina Nattress

Natural Resistance:
Historic Debates

The story continues 

EW! A Blog.

Letters to the Editor





Look, Ma! No Tan Lines!
A hard look at nude Eugene
By Camilla Mortensen

Oregon has two seasons: rainy and naked. 

Historic Debates
The story continues 
by Mary O’Brien