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All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.


Adell McMillan Gallery “Mesoamerican Textiles: Text, Subtext & Context,” exhibit of textile; photography by Jeffrey Jay Foxx, through Oct. 31. 7am-11pm daily. EMU, UO.

Design Matters:
Tales From the Pit

More holes downtown need filling

EW! A Blog.

Letters to the Editor




Tales From the Pit
More holes downtown need filling
by Jerry Diethelm

Eat More Kale
It’s too good to pass up
By Rachel Foster

New Name, Old Flame
Willamette Brewery relaunches as Oakshire 
By Elliot Martínez


Mean Eugene?
Attack on black resident leaves scars and raises questions  
words by Rick Levin  |  photos by Todd Cooper

Tender Is the Night
And strong the boys of Shakespeare
By Suzi Steffen

Witness the Broken Ocean
And, with Linda Hogan, imagine it healing
by Suzi Steffen

Center of the Musical Universe
Off The Grid summer music fest promises to open your mind

The Four-Track’s Best Friend
Less=more for Richard Swift

After six months of marriage—I’m a straight male—the sex had become routine but enjoyable. To remedy this, my wife and I discussed new things we might like to try. We were both being shy, so I said the first thing that came to mind: “Anal?” My wife got quiet and the conversation ended.

Out, Proud and Smiling
Pride turns 17 under sunny skies
By Katie Dettman

Welcome to Wonderland


Preconviction Zone
City to ban hundreds of people from downtown
By Alan Pittman