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Cigarette Butts
Don’t let smokers treat Eugene like an ashtray
By Joshua Welch


Food for Life
School gardens grow healthier kids
by Rachel Foster

DeFazio Does It
DeFazio takes on the frumious bandersnatch and other Oregon issues
by Camilla Mortensen

Ides of Meh

Truth and lies, Clooney style

Music for Humans

Color Me Obsessed
captures glory of The Replacements

Holiness and Hell 

How the Fire Fell
at the Bijou



Autumn Winds
Fall brings woodwinds out of the woodwork
By Brett Campbell

Music Shorts
Get Down Stay Down, Boom Chick, AND AND AND

Autumn Winds
Fall brings woodwinds out of the woodwork





Axe & Fiddle Zepparella—9; All-female Led Zeppelin tribute, $10

The Beanery Acoustic Open Mic—7; n/c

Cowfish “Everybody” w/Sassy Mouff, DJ Heshe—9; Mash-up

The District DJ Phoenix & DJ Scoot­10; Hop hop


Ides of Meh
Truth and lies, Clooney style
by Molly Templeton


Get Down with the Get Down

Heavy Metal
Uranium mine would bring jobs, at what cost?
By Camilla Mortensen


Arts Shorts:
Don’t Quit Your Day Job?
Playa Fellowship Residency offers safe haven for local artists

Teenage Wasteland
New musical Spring Awakening is the best After-School Special you never saw

Winter  Getaways

Just because there’s a recession doesn’t mean we don’t need a break. If the Halloween spending forecast is any indication — the National Retail Federation has predicted people will spend 10 percent more this year on spooky fun than they did last year — then Eugeneans and fellow 99 percenters across the country are looking for a good time for not much money this cold season.

All exhibits free unless otherwise noted.

A Tribute to Derrick Bell
Civil rights activist and scholar remembered

The Way Forward
Exploring ecologically sustainable thinking 


$400 and a Credit Card
Canada on the cheap
By Nils Holst