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Changes to the Propagation Fair!


I’ve usually missed the annual Lane County Propagation Fair and seed swap because it coincided with spring break. Last year, however, we took our vacation early, and I was able to visit the prop fair for the first time since it moved to the old Whiteaker school building.

Once I had negotiated the long, congested hallways (congested, I should say, with interesting information displays and various items for sale, including veggie starts) I emerged in the huge main hall, where an impressive line of people were busy grafting fruit tree scions to rootstock for customers. Scions (grafting cuttings) from hundreds of fruit varieties were offered for sale, in buckets lined up on long tables.

Looks as if this is an experience that won’t quite be repeated, because there are big changes for this year’s prop fair. The organizers of what is now called the Agrarian Sharing Network felt the event had outgrown the current space. They also want to “remain true to the deeper community involvement, neighborhood-sharing intentions of the original gatherings.  In the interest of providing these services more effectively to both the community, as well as the wider bioregion, we have decided to decentralize the Propagation Fair.”

That means there will be multiple events this year, in three Eugene neighborhoods as well as Portland, Sweet Home and Williams. Eugene events are scheduled for March 11, April 1 and April 7. For times and locations, as well as tons more info about the Agrarian Sharing Network, visit www.springpropagationfair.com. You can also find information and updates on the Facebook page for Agrarian Sharing Network.