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Gardening Blog: Iris Update

Welcome to my blog. I plan to use this space to share updates on recent columns, corrections, short topics and occasional news about what I am doing in my garden. 

This picture of Iris tenax appeared (in B/W) along with my column on drought-tolerant irises. In that article I listed a couple of sources for the iris species I discussed. Shortly after the column appeared in print, a friend told me about another source: Wild Ginger farm in Beavercreek, OR. 

This nursery lists many varieties of Pacific Coast hybrid iris and a few selections of Iris tenax (Oregon iris). They are open only by appointment. Call 503-632- 2338, or visit their website (wildgingerfarm.com) to view a plant list or make contact by email. By the way, the tiny white flowers around the iris in this picture are those of a native alumroot, Heuchera micrantha.

I got mine from Doak Creek Native Plant Nursery on Doak Creek Road, Eugene. I have found this coral bells relative to be very adaptable and easy to grow.