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Newspaper Publishes Letter Calling for Murder of Protesters

The Roseburg News-Review newspaper published a letter to the editor Jan. 25 calling for the murder of protesters.

Though the writer does not specifically refer to the Jan. 21 Women's March on Washington, the letter suggests shooting "a few of this year's crop" of protesters. 

The letter, written by Terry Stafford of Riddle, Oregon, was published online and in print under the headline "Working, tax-paying citizens they are not" and it starts off decrying protestors (spelled in the British style) for being "socialists" and "trying to bring down the United States."

The letter references the 1970 Kent State shootings of student Vietnam War protesters and was published 15 months after the Oct. 1, 2015 Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Roseburg  in which nine people were killed and eight were wounded.

Stafford writes, "How about we shoot a few of this year's crop — say a dozen at each protest to see how many were bussed [sic] in, paid well." He adds, "Of course, we will give all samples an absolutely free same-day burial at sea."

After a public outcry on the website, social media and calls and messages to the News-Review, the online letter was taken down. The editor's note  apologizes and says, "After reviewing our guidelines, which clearly state not to threaten the harm of another individual, we removed the letter. "