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Rescued Sea Turtles in Oregon Returned to the Pacific: SeaWorld rehabilitates and releases endangered sea turtles

Three olive ridley turtles rescued from the Oregon Coast have been released back to the Pacific Ocean after being rehabilitated by animal caretakers at SeaWorld San Diego, according to a press release from the Oregon Coast Aquarium.

Solstice, a female olive ridley turtle was rescued and taken to the Oregon Coast Aquarium in December 2014. The Coast Guard later transported her to SeaWorld in February 2015.

Solstice’s caretakers estimated that she would be released by the end of the summer in 2015, but the turtle battled with buoyancy problems — which prevented her from diving down to hunt for food.

Two other olive ridley turtles, a male and female, were rescued in December of 2015. Strong El Niño storms and a warm water current scientists refer to as “the blob” can confuse turtles causing them to follow currents into water that is normally cold, according to the Oregon Coast Aquarium press release.

The turtles were returned to the ocean 15 miles from San Diego with satellite transmitters. See Eugene Weekly's previous reporting on Solstice and “the blob.”