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Music Listings


Please follow these guidelines when submitting events to our calendar.



B&B Lounge Karaoke—9:30pm; n/c

The Barnlight Karaoke w/Breezy Bee—9pm; n/c

Beergarden Jesse Meade—7:30pm; singer-songwriter, n/c

Black Forest Bunnygrunt, Googleplexia, Heavy Friends—10pm; alt rock, n/c

brew & cue WDYK Trivia—7pm; n/c

Central Lutheran Church Viva Violas—7pm; $5-$10

Cowfish DJ Diemos—9pm; bass, house, n/c

Dexter Lake Club Karaoke w/Jared—9pm; n/c

Happy Hours Crystal Harmony Karaoke—8:30pm; n/c

Hi-Fi Lounge Pizzabowl & Friends w/Suma, Tawrence, Kahji, Bizio, Thyme, Soda Fingers, Pizzabowl—10pm; $3

Jazz Station  Stray Dong Song—7:30pm; jazz, $12

Luckey's Grateful Dead Family Jam—10pm; dead covers, $3

max’s DJ Victor—10pm; Hits, old standards, requests, n/c

McShane's Acoustic Underground Open Mic—7:30pm; n/c

oakshire public house Hipbilly—5pm; folk, n/c

old nick's Eugene Order of Steel Happy Hour Bout—6pm; n/c. Counter/Balance, Newbrighton, Rad Ranger, Lie—9pm; spoken word, rock, punk, $5

Poker Lounge Karaoke w/Sassy Patty—7pm; n/c

Sam Bond's Garage Sequel, Pretty Drunk—9pm; rock jam, $5

Shadowfox Open Mic—8pm; n/c

Shedd Institute Keola Beamer & Jeff Peterson—7:30pm; $28-$36

Territorial Vineyards Red Pajamas Trio—7pm; songwriter, americana, n/c

whirled pies  jAzzCID—6pm; jazz, n/c

WOW Hall Old 97s w/Ha Ha Tonka—7:30pm; $20-$23



5th St Cornucopia Rocktopia—9:30pm; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Matt Bednarsky—7pm; pop, folk, jazz, n/c. Fortune's Folley—8pm; alt rock, n/c

Black Forest IRIDIUM, Pantheon, A World Without, Vintersea—10pm; n/c

Blairally Church of 80s w/Chris, Jen & John—8pm; 80s vinyl, $3

brewstation Pretty Drunk—7:30pm; gypsy bluegrass, n/c

Bronco Saloon Karaoke w/Lindsey—9pm; n/c

Cowfish SPOC-3PO—9pm; dance-pop, underground, $5

Creswell Coffee Peter & Alan—7pm; classical guitar & flute, $4

Doc's Pad Karaoke w/KJ Power—9pm; n/c

Duck Bar Karaoke w/Breezy Bee—9pm; n/c

Driftwood Bar Karaoke w/Slick Nick—9pm; n/c

El Tapatio Cantina Karaoke w/KJ Rick—9pm; n/c

the embers The Survivors—9pm; 50s to 90s rock, variety, n/c

equiano coffee Co. Elizabeth Yandel, Samba Ja, DJ Dawn Baby—5pm; singer/songwriter, n/c

Friendly St Market David Rodgers—6pm; n/c

Happy Hours Justin Case—8:30pm; classic rock, n/c

hi-fi lounge Soulacybin w/Charles the First, Zonra, Smigonaut, Psilo Vibin&apos—10pm; DJ Dance party, $10

Jazz Station Interbloom Quintet—7:30pm; jazz, $12

Jersey's Karaoke w/Sassy Patty—9pm; n/c

Keg Tavern Karaoke w/J'Lynn—9pm; n/c

Luckey's The Latter Day Skanks, Broken Bodies, Hippy Fight—10pm; punk, garage punk, $5

Mohawk tavern Rock n Roll Cowboys—9pm; n/c

noble estates Scott Austin—6pm; pop, americana, n/c

oakshire public house Banjo Youngblood—6pm; ragtime, country, n/c

o bar Karaoke w/Jared—9pm; n/c

old nick's Ovvl, Nunhunter, Fox Medicine—9pm; stoner, sludge metal, $8

Oregon Wine Lab Barbara Healy Trio—7pm; n/c

Saginaw Vineyard Lonesome Randall—6pm; rock-n-roll historian, n/c

Sam Bond's Garage Matthew Fountain & the Whereabouts, Joel Swensen, Minda Lacy—9:30pm; $5

Shedd Institute Davina & The Vagabonds—7:30pm; $29

Sweet Cheeks Mike Davis—7pm; acoustic guitar, n/c

Territorial Vineyards Chico Scwall & friends—7pm; Django, Classical, n/c

Tsunami books Our Bodies, Our Voices open mic—7pm; $5-$15

valhalla winery Heavy Chevy Lite—6pm; acoustic blues, soul, n/c

VFW Springfield Cowboy Cadillac—7pm; progressive country, n/c

wildcraft cider works Down To The Well—6pm; americana, n/c

Whirled Pies Glass Roots—6pm; jam, rock, n/c. Soul Medic, Mista Chief, Marko, & Escort Service Band—9pm; reggae, $10

White horse saloon Karaoke w/KJ Mike—9pm; n/c



5th st cornucopia Inner Limits—9:30pm; n/c

755 River Rd Alice DiMicele w/Mikey Stevens—8pm; $15-$20

Axe & Fiddle The Huckleberrys—8:30pm; mountain music, n/c

Beergarden Scott Austin & Mike Surber—7:30pm; singer-songwriter, n/c

Black Forest The Dead Horizon, Vesuvian, Species Splicer, Shanoa, Mistaken Existence—9pm; metal, n/c

Brew & Cue Rising Phoenix Karaoke w/Tobey—9pm; n/c

brewstation Daddy Rabbit—7:30pm; 50s & 60s rock n roll, n/c

City Nightclub Crystal Harmony Karaoke—9pm; EDM, n/c

Cowfish Michael Human—9pm; hip-hop, electro, $5

Cush cafe Open Mic—2pm; n/c

Doc's Pad Karaoke w/KJ Power—9pm; n/c

Driftwood bar Karaoke w/Slick Nick—9pm; n/c

Duck Bar Karaoke w/Breezy Bee—9pm; n/c

the embers The Survivors—9pm; 50s to 90s rock, variety, n/c

happy hours Ozone Baby—8:30pm; classic rock, n/c

Hi-fi Lounge Fast Man w/Holler House—10pm; rock, $5 

Jazz Station The Reunion—7:30pm; jazz, $12

Keg Tavern Dance Music w/J'Lynn—9pm; n/c

Luckey's ACLU Benefit w/Dick Dagger, The Indiscretions, Beat Of Eden—10pm; $5

McDonald Theatre Yonder Mountain String Band w/Lil' Smokies—8:30pm; $26

Mohawk tavern  Parish Gap—9pm; rock, n/c

Noble Estates Skip Jones & Friends—6pm; blues, classic rock, n/c

Oakshire public house Ellis Moore—6pm; indie-folk, n/c

O Bar Timothy Patrick—7pm; acoustic, variety, humor, n/c

Old Nick's Scoundrel Prince Lounge—10pm; drums, bass, $3

Sam Bond's Garage Red Raven Follies—9:30pm; Burlesque, variety, $8

whirled pies Possible Human Origins Album Release Party—6pm; $5

wildish theater  Sticky Fingers—8pm; rock, $20

WOW Hall The Soft White Sixties—9pm; rock, $12-$15



Agate Alley Bistro Karaoke w/Breezy Bee—9pm; n/c

Cowfish Aaron Jackson—9pm; bass-house, club, n/c

Cush cafe Open Mic—2pm; n/c

The Embers Karaoke w/Sassy Patty—7pm; n/c

hi-fi main hall Badfish—8pm; $15-$20

Luckey's The Broadway Revue Burlesque Show!—10pm; $5

Mac's Blues Benefit Concert w/ Lisa Mann, Hank Shreve Band, Henry Cooper—5pm; $20-$25

Mohawk Tavern karaoke w/Caught in the Act—7pm; n/c
mulligan's Open Mic—8:30pm; variety, n/c

Old Nick's Montclaire, Drowning Dreamers (Solo), Loudnumb, Kaitlin Sevey—9pm; singer-songwriter, $3-$5

River Stop Restaurant Open Jam Session—5pm; n/c

Sam Bond's Garage Junk Parlor—9pm; gypsy jazz, bluesy old time, $5

VFW Springfield Cowboy Cadillac—7pm; progressive country, n/c

Webfoot Karaoke w/KJ Power—9pm; n/c
Whirled Pies Sprout City's First Annual Battle of the Bands—7pm; n/c



Axe & Fiddle DJ Rock n Roll Damnation—7pm; n/c

Centennial Steak House Karaoke w/Dominic—8pm; n/c

Cowfish  Motown Monday w/DJ Kingsley Strangelove—9pm; soul, n/c

hi-fi lounge The Iron Maidens w/Agnozia & The Athiarchists—9pm; $15-$20

oakshire Trivia w/Elliot Martinez—7pm; n/c

Old Nick's Irish Jam & service industry happy hour—6pm; n/c

Sam Bond's Garage Sam Bond's Bingo—9pm; n/c

shadowfox Soul & Blues Jam—7pm; n/c

Wandering Goat Songwriters Night (originals only)—7pm; open mic, n/c

whirled pies Muse Art Mondays, paint musicians—6pm; $5 don.

WOW hall Deafheaven, This Will Destroy You, Emma Ruth Rundle—8pm; metal, $16-$18



5th st. Cornucopia Jesse Meade w/Girin Guha—9:30pm; n/c

Axe & Fiddle Science Pub—5pm; n/c

beergarden Trivia w/Ty Connor—7pm; n/c

cowfish New DJ Revue—9pm; n/c

Dexter Lake Club Acoustic Night w/Brian Chevalier—6pm; n/c

The embers DJ Victor—8pm; Current hits, standards, requests, n/c

Hi-fi Lounge Reggae Night w/Sol Seed—10pm; n/c

Hult Center Quixotic: PULSE—7:30pm; $25-$51

Level Up Karaoke w/Kade—9pm; n/c

Luckey's Amusedays w/Chaz Logan Hyde—10pm; comedy, open mic, n/c

Mac's Roosters Blues Jam w/Skip Jones & Byron Case—7pm; n/c

MULLIGAN'S PUB Steve Ibach—8pm; acoustic, eclectic, n/c

Oakshire Bluegrass Jam—6pm; n/c

O Bar Karaoke w/Jared—9pm; n/c

Old nick's American Pinup, Banana Sounds, Creep Creep Janga, The Dimly Lit—9pm; psych, rock, $3-$5

Sam bond's Garage Bluegrass Jam—9pm; n/c

shadowfox Cards Against Humanity—7pm; n/c

Whirled Pies Cannabis Science Pub—6pm; n/c

WOW Hall Why? w/Open Mike Eagle—8pm; hip-hip, $15-$18, VIP $75



5th St. Cornucopia Karaoke w/Slick Nick—9pm; n/c

Black Forest Karaoke w/KJ Powers—9pm; n/c

brew & cue Crystal Harmony Karaoke—9pm; n/c

The Cooler Karaoke w/Caught in the Act—9pm; n/c

Cowfish DJ Smuve—9pm; hip-hop, n/c

Happy Hours Mama Jan’s Blues Jam w/Brian Chevalier—8pm; n/c

Hi-Fi Lounge Funk Night—10pm; n/c

hi-fi main hall Dumpstaphunk—8pm; $16-$20

Jersey's Karaoke w/Sassy Patty—8pm; n/c

Luckey's The Sunday Bump—10pm; funk, jazz, $3

Max's Lonesome Randall—7pm; n/c

McDonald Theater Greensky Bluegrass w/Cris Jacobs—7pm; $26

mohawk Tavern Karaoke w/Caught in the Act—9pm; n/c

Mulligan's Open Mic—8:30pm; variety, n/c

oakshire Public House Grande Ronde String Band—5pm; Gabe Schliffer—7pm; n/c

old nick's Magic the Gathering—6pm; n/c

sam bond's garage The Insinuators, Ellis Moore—9pm; $5

Shadowfox Art Bar, drinking & creating—7pm; n/c

Starlight Lounge Trivia Night w/Ty Connor—8pm; n/c

Time Out Tavern Cowboy Cadillac Jam Session—7pm; progressive country, n/c

wildcraft cider works Lori LeMaster—6pm; indie folk, n/c

whirled Pies Scott Fife—6pm; singer/songwriter, n/c

WOW Hall K.Flay—8pm; rock $13-$15


Corvallis & The Region

Bugsy's—Junction City

SA Hard Drive—9pm; classic rock & variety, n/c 

pfeiffer winery—Junction City

FR Burgers & Blues w/Riffle—5pm; R&B, n/c

Three Rivers Casino Hotel—Florence

FR Restless Heart Band—8pm; n/c

SA Restless Heart Band—7pm; n/c



Calendar Submission Guidelines:


Calendar publication days are every Thursday. Due date for the calendar is Noon the Thursday before the Thursday issue in which you would like your event published. Our What's Happening calendar is an eight-day calendar, Thursday to Thursday, while our music listings calendar is a seven-day calendar, Thursday to Wednesday. 

Example: If your event happens on Wednesday, Aug. 20, your listing would appear in our Aug. 14 issue, and the listing would be due to the calendar editor on Thursday, Aug. 7. Events that happen on Thursdays may be listed in two issues if the listing is submitted on time.

To facilitate organizing our calendar listings, please send your information as text in the body of the email  to cal@eugeneweekly.com, and attach only pertinent photos as high resolution jpg files, 1MB or larger. Attaching high resolution pictures greatly increases your chances of getting featured in our weekly calendar.

Sending information mixed with images descriptions, formatting and attachments makes locating the information difficult for our calendar writers, so please send all information in text, at the top of your message. Label all photos with the name of what is pictured or the event.

At the bottom of the email feel free to add extra information and details in case we can expand on your listing a little.

The closer you are to our listing format, the better the chance of your listing getting in the way you want it!



The calendar lists free events and special events that charge admission. We list workshops under $15. 

The What's Happening Calendar no longer accepts submissions regarding music; please submit these in a separate email to the Music Listings calendar  outlined below.

To list in our calendar: Place the date (example: July 15, 2014)  in the subject line of your message. 

At the top of the message, include briefly and without extra description:

Event name, time, location, address and cost.

Refer to our online calendar listings for the format. For times, am and pm are always lowercased, and we use & instead of and. 


Some examples are:

Gatherings Eugene Astronomical Society, star party, 7:30pm, College Hill Reservoir, 24th & Lawrence. FREE.

Lectures Brown Bag: “Water Pollution Control Issues in China,” Zhuoni Wanh, 12pm, 103 Gerlinger Hall, UO Campus. 346-1521. FREE.



MUSIC LISTINGS lists music events that happen at regular venues.

Place the date in the subject line of your message. 

At the top of the message, include briefly and without extra description:

Your venue and its address

What performer– time; Genre, the cost.

Use & for and. 


Some examples are:

Sam Bond's Alpha Dalia–8; CD release, rock, n/c

Cozmic Pirate Radio–9; Punk, $5