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Between the Acts

The UO’s University Theatre is trying something a bit different this time around by mounting a production of Virginia Woolf’s final novel, Between the Acts, and staging it in the style of Seattle’s seminal Book It Theater, where actors read directly from passages of the work. It’s a gutsy, exciting move: Much of Woolf’s genius resides in her incomparable ability to float freely among her characters’ fleeting thoughts and emotions, creating an exhilarating web of meaning and feeling. “Characters in this play not only are in dialogue with each other, but also narrating descriptions and internal thoughts directly to the audience,” director John Schmor says. “It’s intentionally spare staging, emphasizing the actors and Virginia Woolf’s wonderful way with words.” 

Between the Acts plays 8pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday, July 31 - Aug. 2, at UO’s Hope Theatre. $5 door. — Rick Levin