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First Wash Fest

Spring may be over, but this week at the WOW Hall, spring cleaning is still in full force with a week of soap and scrubbing that culminates with a washroom-themed concert. The Wash Fest features travelling act Shovelman and a handful of local acts: the Whiskey Chasers, Sunday Sam and The Murder Rags and Crooked River. In typical Eugene fashion, the performers will use recycled materials like a shovel, washboards and washtubs repurposed as musical instruments.

“People are drawn to this idea of finding something in a junkyard and turning it into an instrument,” says Cindy Ingram, the washboard player in the Whiskey Chasers. “It’s fun and sustainable.” Proceeds from the event benefit the renovation of WOW Hall’s water system so that that the venue will finally have hot water. Also throughout this week, the venue hosts a car wash in its back parking lot.

The 1st Wash Fest is Friday, June 27, at WOW Hall; doors open at 7:30pm and music at 8pm. Admission $2-$20; car wash $5. — Samuel Wendel