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Lane Art Council’s 2nd Mural Bike Tour

The Whiteaker neighborhood sports some of the best murals in town, from the more recent colorful splashes of paint that adorn the WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza to the iconic, gorgeous piece by Kari Johnson at 4th and Monroe, painted in the ’90s. Join a group of art-appreciating bikers for the Lane Art Council’s 2nd Mural Bike Tour on Aug. 16. Leading the way is Shawn Mediaclast, co-owner of Cowfish and founder of the Museum of Unfine Art, who will interview a handful of mural artists as the tour rolls along, including Jim Evangelista, Ron Lafond and Esteban Camacho. Art and biking: How much more Eugene can it get?

The Mural Bike Tour is 10am Saturday, Aug. 16, at the WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza. FREE. — Amy Schneider