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Many Faces of Moro

“Green Eyes” by Frank Moro
“Green Eyes” by Frank Moro

The talented painter Frank Moro is an oddball among artists, which is no mean feat. A public defender, former police detective and jack of many trades, Moro stumbled into the craft of painting as if by accident. 

“I went into a little arts store on Highway 1, looking to buy some pens. I came out with an acrylics set, and I’ve been painting ever since,” Moro says.

Years later, and quite some time after other endeavors ranging from a serious pursuit of Gracie (aka Brazilian) jujitsu to playing in punk bands all over the bay area, Moro will feature 20 individual paintings at Maude Kerns Art Center. 

Moro says that although he is known to create art that is geared toward pet owners and animal lovers, the pieces on display in this exhibit are nonfigurative portraitures he painted to please himself.

“With my more abstract work, I like to throw paint on canvas until an image reveals itself, then I go with it,” Moro says.

 Not to be missed are the several paintings inspired by Moro’s legal work. “The Accuser,” “The Accused” and “The Exonerated” portray the courtroom journey of a man who has been wrongfully convicted and then exonerated after serving time in prison; Moro says the series is representative of a great number of the stories he’s encountered in his line of work. 

Frank Moro’s paintings are at the Maude Kerns Art Center through March 23. Other artists also on display include Mike Sirl and Russ Revock.