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EW’s Outdoors Issue 2012

Adventureland: Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into the Wild

After surviving a winter of being hailed on and harassed by the seemingly schizophrenic weather Gods of the Pacific Northwest, it’s finally about time to get outdoors. And what better way to celebrate the coming of sun (and very large full moons) than to go on an adventure of the wild kind. 

An excursion that pushes you to your limits in a beautiful place is just what the doctor ordered for that bad case of cabin fever you’ve recently contracted — well, that and some serious Vitamin D. 

Whether you’re dashing through the dirt, whitewater rafting, hiking in the nude, target shooting or fishing in the middle of nowhere, you just can’t go wrong with an outdoor adventure in Oregon’s wide wilderness. Get out and stay out, while the warmth is here.