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Parrots in Peril

Poison Pen Players back with hilarious homicide
Pirate comedy at Silvan Ridge. Photo courtesy Poison Pen Players.
Pirate comedy at Silvan Ridge. Photo courtesy Poison Pen Players.

Avast, ye son of a biscuit eater! Tales of treachery in the sweet trade lie ahead. 

That’s right, they’re back. Silvan Ridge Winery hosts The Poison Pen Players for another evening of hilarious homicide with AAARRRGH! PinkEye: A Pirate’s Parrot in Peril.

The Player’s latest piece of fun fluff sets its swashbuckling characters in a seaside tavern with another murder mystery to solve and a boatload of broad jokes to crack. Director Melanie Heard has her actors stretching into larger-than-life characters. The beautiful piratess Ursula Napier (Victoria Seitzinger) seeks revenge on the notorious Captain Rackham (David Lauria) and his squiffy sidekick Tobias Scabb (Jacob Ternyik). Proprietress Dimples DeBouff (Genevieve Meltzer) attempts to keep the peace while PinkEye the Parrot (Jason Wood) spills the secrets needed to solve the mystery.

The Poison Pen Players specialize in over-the-top campy comedy. While they would never to expect you to appreciate a three-and-a-half hour Russian play, they may ask you to take part in action. No one, not even the director, really knows what may occur at a Poison Pen performance. A hearty dinner and desert accompany the theatricals. Be you a pirate at heart or law-abiding landlubber, it’s hard to resist an evening of silliness and swordfights, good wine and goofy plot twists.

AAARRRGH! PinkEye: A Pirate’s Parrot in Peril plays 6 pm Saturday, Sept. 15. $45 per person/ $40 for wine club members. Tickets include dinner and may be purchased by calling Silvan Ridge: (541) 345-1945.