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Chronic Comedy for a Cause

Comedian Ngaio Bealum hashes through ganja giggles and medical Mary Jane

Question: How many stoners does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Answer: Ask Ngaio Bealum.

Beaulum, perhaps the Northwest’s premiere perpetrator of high-times comedy, is headlining the 8 pm Thursday, Dec. 6, “Cannabis Comedy Night” at WOW Hall, a fundraiser and evening of huffs and hee-haws sponsored by Northwest Alternative Health, an outfit supporting the rights of patients to get their Oregon medical marijuana cards.

According to Bealum, his brand of humor has broad appeal. “The beauty of cannabis culture is that weed is a subculture of every other culture,” says the comic, who’s opened for the likes of Dave Chappelle and Doug Benson.

It does happen, Bealum admits, that some folks get so high they’re more confused than amused by the punch lines. “A blunt or two usually doesn’t knock people out,” he says, “but every once in a while it seems like the whole crowd is overmedicated on edibles and has a hard time paying attention. The thing is, you have to keep stoners interested, or they lose focus.”

Bealum says that the recent legalization of marijuana in Washington state is “awesome,” and he has high hopes that Oregon and California will follow suit eventually. “Weed should be legal,” he says. “We are finally starting to reach the turning point in the war against the War on Some Drugs. Taxing and regulating marijuana not only saves the state money, it generates income and jobs. Local, sustainable jobs,” Bealum adds.