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Pair of Racists Hit UO on Hitler’s Birthday

A pair of self-proclaimed white nationalist Springfield men caused a brief uproar on University of Oregon campus the morning of Thursday, April 20, as they celebrated what they called the “birthday party for Adolf Hitler.” Today is the Nazi leader’s birthday. The duo spread white supremacy ideologies in front of students.


Jimmy Marr, a well-known racist and anti-Semite who goes by @GenocideJimmy on Twitter, was accompanied by a man identified as “Chad.” The demonstration, which happened in front of the Erb Memorial Union, quickly attracted around 60 to 80 students, according to UO police estimates.  


Marr drives a swastika-emblazoned truck with controversial messages on its tailgate. His truck has been spotted various places in Oregon with sayings such as “Jews Lies Matter” and “Trump: Do The White Thing.”


This time, his tailgate reads: “No more terror. No more war. America, stop being Israel’s whore.”


While Marr playing the bagpipes in the back of his truck, Chad interacted with students, spreading anti-Semitic messages that were met with much opposition from students.


UO student and president of The Young Democratic Socialists group on campus, Xander Berenstein, says he felt strongly against the demonstration as a Jewish person.


“From a cultural and political standpoint, direct opposition is an understatement,” Berenstein says.


As a Eugene native, Berenstein has seen Marr around and thinks that Marr’s action today is a tactic to create chaos.


“It is their day job — they go from campus to campus to provoke people to cross the line and use violence, so that they could paint the picture that they are being attacked.”


In the midst of argument between Marr and Chad and students, Rabbi Jack Melul, who runs the Jewish educational and social group Akiva on campus, started to sing “The Jewish people are still alive” in Hebrew. Several students joined Melul.


UO police responded immediately to the scene to prevent any possible escalation, Sgt. Scott Geeting says, but they took no action against Marr and Chad. The pair left voluntarily after about 45 minutes on campus.


“They know exactly what they were doing, because they had run into law enforcement before,” Geeting says referring to Marr’s arrest last September for blasting offensive speech with an amplifier on the roof of his house in Springfield during a Stop Hate! Rally.


Marr also used to be a guest speaker of Pacifica Forum at UO, a group that was removed from campus after it became a hate group.  


Geeting says the UO Police Department is always on the lookout for hate crime, but he hasn’t noticed any unusual uptick within the campus area. — Tran Nguyen


Screenshot of Marr on campus from his Twitter feed