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Goaty Art

The Wandering Goat is a place where students, artists, writers, dilettantes and others go and claim to be productive. But it’s questionable how much actually gets done there, aside from indulging in some incredible coffee. That, speaks however, nil to what the Goat’s own herd of employees has been busying itself with leading up to this week’s Last Friday Art Walk exhibit, which features all employee-made art and music.  

“Most of us are pitching in: the bakery and the baristas, the office peeps and whoever,” says barista Aubree Ridge. “There’s going to be a lot of silk screens. There’s going to be a lot of painting. There’s going to be a lot of clothes and CD artwork.” 

The show also includes music from bands that feature Goat employees. Metal band Hallow, folk outfit The Broken South and (possibly) a special appearance by legendary Eugene duo Rod and Muff are billed thus far. 

Considering the avant-garde pasture down on 2nd and Madison, one can safely say that the employees’ art will be varied, radical and representative of their own goat-brand in the Whit.  

 “I’m doing a stencil that I’m stippling with acrylic paints on watercolor paper,” says Ridge.  “All of us do art, be it painting or watercolor or sculpturing or making clothes.”

The Wandering Goat’s Employee Art Show and Music Showcase takes place 8 pm Friday, Jan. 27; FREE.